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Simulation Roof Bark

Simulation Roof Bark
Product Details

    Simulation of the roof bark as a synthetic bark, its use steps are as follows:

    The first step: Cut the bark to the required size and soak the water for 24 hours, because the bark is dry and hard. If it is not blister, the bark may break open and affect the appearance.
The second step is to fix the wet bark with iron wire or twine on the water pipe that needs to be constructed, and put the joint between bark and bark on the blind spot of sight. Under normal circumstances, the bark can be dried in a week or so. Then you can remove the wire and glue it. Step 3: Apply glue on the glue, brush on the bark and water pipes, (put an old newspaper under the water pipe before the glue to prevent the glue from dripping) and re-skin the glued bark with wire. On the water pipe, glue the edges and gaps.
The fourth step: After the glue is dry, the wire can be removed. The pipe section on the water pipe can be entangled with a bird nest or the like.


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