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Yunnan thatched tile project by which companies to undertake
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

SaidYunnan Thatched TileWorks, we cannot but mention Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., Miche is a research and development, production and sales of landscape materials company. Now Yunnan There are a large number of projects are undertaken by Miche this side, Yunnan Lvchun CountyThatch TileTransformation Project, WA Model Park, are the classic masterpiece of Yunnan thatched tile, are all by the Miche involved in the design, supply thatch tile, arrange guidance to do out.

Why do so many projects eventually choose "Rice Research Decoration Materials Co., Ltd." to co-operate? Miche What advantage is it worth working with you?

1: Strict material selection, the use of high-quality imported raw materials, from the source to control the quality of products, whether from the perception, color, strength and other aspects are impeccable.

2: Mature advanced technology, ensure the production capacity, ensure the quality of the premise of lower costs, maintain competitive advantage.

3: The quality of the clip to ensure that when weaving, has been the sunExposure of the time, as always, to maintain the clamping state, is the guarantee of the extension of the life of the artificial thatch. Good weaving skills and clips, is installed after the maintenance-free protection.

4: Excellent Word-of-mouth, Miche cooperation of the enterprise is very much, Vanke, Country Garden, Evergrande and so on company, old customers word of mouth, in the industry reputation good.

5: Excellent logistics system, Miche shipments are long-term cooperation with the local logistics, mission must reach, the aging service can be assured.

Yunnan Thatched TileSuppliers, to provide you with the simulation of thatched tile related information, welcome to call!