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Simulation of Dehong and other land in Yunnan province What company did it?
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged inSimulated thatchSimulation Barksuch as simulation of landscape materials Enterprises, the company a large number of supply of various types of landscape materials, Yunnan Dehong, Lvchun and other projects are by the company's construction, reliable quality, affordable, welcome new and old customers to inquire. Yunnan Thatched tile suppliers, undertook the Yunnan Thatch project enterprises. Thatched House, Tree House believe that we are not unfamiliar with it, the first is only poor because it can not only shelter, but also easy to collect before being selected as building materials. But in the urban jungle, which is now filled with steel and cement, thatched house from the original economic and practical transformation to the ornamental function, it represents a kind of simple and quiet beauty, and even has become the people out of the city, the pursuit of nature, a representative building of innocence, but also at present many resorts and eco-tourism in the first products.

The so-called times of heroes, thatched House although popular for a while, but in the enjoyment of the senses at the same time, it unavoidably has many of its own difficult to avoid the fatal mishap, such as it is difficult to do fire prevention, anti-corrosion and moth, these loopholes have a direct impact on the thatched cottage is a wide range of promotion How to achieve fire-thatched roof fire protection measures do have a lot of, such as in the thatched roof sprinkle some lime, often water and so on. These are palliative and not radical measures, the effect is not very obvious.So how can we do the fire?

The so-called times to make heroes, with the development of science and technology, simulated thatch tile in a timely and born.Simulated thatchTile development, production of a new type of thatched roofing building materials, imitation of natural thatch products. From pure aluminum and special outdoor powder by the specific process of the synthesis of thatched roof fire building materials, diverse styles, rich color, are imitation of natural thatch, is the ideal roof building materials to replace natural thatch. Thatched tile from the real tile and grass must be part of the installation of the actual tile part of a certain proportion of overlap (generally around 6cm) can be.

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