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Simulation of thatched tile manufacturers to teach you how to landscape design
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in landscaping, landscape design, for farmers and theme park, such as the retro complex to provide integrated solutionsSimulation Thatched Tile Factory。 Let's look at the simple design process with Miche.

In the early stage of the landscape design planning and layout of a good line and the appropriate style, since it is a farmhouse and theme park, then retro, chic scene is essential, in the current decorative materials, can be a good interpretation of retro and chic decorative materials is undoubtedly simulated thatch tile and simulation of bark and bamboo tile simulation.

How to create this retro chic atmosphere, I would like to do the following points can be very big help.

One: to the scenic park, the farmhouse inside the building complex, a large area of reasonable use of simulated thatched roof combined with the simulation of the bark of the wall, in the corridor, walkway use simulation thatch tile combination of bamboo tile. The production of large area, high ornamental simulation buildings, to visitors a large scale of the picture, forming a powerful visual and psychological shock, to ease the city space brought about by the oppression and impetuous, to the vast number of tourists to tranquility. As Yunnan Xishuangbanna is covered by forest landscape, all the people feel shocked. Domestic also has the same gimmick to attract tourists: such as Qianliang Lake Rape festival, Peach Garden, cherry Blossom Park and so on all attract a large number of tourists; This approach is suitable for large-scale agricultural parks and the transformation of the vast countryside. However, this method is gradually homogeneous, and then when the "big landscape" is designed, the artistic treatment should be carried out to form a differentiated agricultural landscape. such as using simulation materials, simulation of bark and simulation of bamboo tile, with these traditional Chinese elements. To the broad masses of customers a sense of peace of belonging.

Second: To create a unique cultural experience, for the traditional farming culture, local characteristics of customs and culture, the traditional cultural heritage of festivals to carry forward, to lead the customer experience is different from their original customs, enhance this expressiveness, and participation. Create a good reputation at the same time, to meet the customer sense of curiosity, relaxed body and mind.

Third: The leisure farm is to create a let the customer put down the city fast rhythm, plunge into the idyllic environment of the countryside, a kind of rural slow life, to meet the modern consumers of rural farms slow life of the psychological needs, improve consumers in the leisure farm mentality of satisfaction, feel the pleasure of the experience of leisure farms. Let the whole person peace of mind.

Foshan Decorative materials are simulation landscape materials in the field of enterprises, engaged in integrated simulation landscape solutions, the company's productsSimulation BarkSimulation Bamboo Tile"And so on the market widely praised, Yunnan Lu Chun, Ruili, Wenshan, all over the holiday villa have Miche figure. You are welcome to consult. We are willing to provide you with integrated solutions. More detailed specific solutions to be based on specific engineering conditions to design, planning, there is a need for customer friends Welcome to inquire.