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The time has come for Yunnan to simulate bamboo tile
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Miche toSimulated thatch TileAs a starting point, after years of development, in the simulation of thatched tile industry has done one of the industry benchmarks, as a not a fresh product, we have been trying to break through their own limitations, in the perfect simulation of thatch tile at the same time, the company to increase product research and development investment, the existing simulation of thatched tile process to transform, To the absence of landscape materials to supplement, gradually formed its own unique product categories, will be in April 2018 to May into the market, we combine the development trend of various regions and a tourist resort development, through a variety of discussions, what makes us so persistent to change their own, At the beginning of our understanding of the real grass is not fire, not insects, anti-corrosion and other limitations, resulting in garden friends worry and so on, caused by our deep interest in grass. Now, in the face of unchanging walls, we have launched a comparison of the traditional cement materials of their own painted bark, after a year of research and development, developed to import new materials for the bottom of the resin simulation bark, product simulation, durability, direct leap-type development, we look forward to the small bridge water People's leisure, quiet, So the design of raft inspiration, design simulation bamboo tile, plum orchid bamboo chrysanthemum Four gentleman, lofty elegant bamboo, so we brought to the front of everyone.

From the very beginningAluminum Simulation Thatch TileAt first we chose several materials for research and development. The first is plastic, plastic decoration processing costs high, open mold cost, so we began to turn to other materials materials. After experimenting with dozens of of materials, we finally used pure aluminum, and through months of experimentation, at that time the domestic pure aluminum can reach 3 to 4mm, the aluminum is too thick, resulting in processing difficulties, so we also from overseas research, the thinnest can do 2-3mm, so the use of aluminum as a base material, began our entrepreneurial career. Through the promotion of the market over the years, the gradual improvement of products, our products gradually let more people know that we are constantly optimizing their products, now the company's products have been sold throughout the country, to achieve a bigger, stronger.Simulation of the bark from zero experience began to develop, open mold injection molding, buy high-quality raw materials, time-consuming more than a year, and finally presented in front of everyone, the product has all the necessary attributes.

1: Fire prevention, added flame retardant, flame retardant ratio reached 20, through fire inspection, fire level to reach B1 level.

2: High simulation, mold aspects of our use of an integrated molding injection mold, a stamping molding, a variety of bark texture is clearly visible, very high simulation, with the color modulation, can do all types of simulation bark, the genuine.

3: The product moth-proof, mildew-proof, the surface has an antibacterial coating, can effectively prevent the breeding of fungi, refused to give mosquitoes, mold survival conditions.

4: Physical and chemical properties of the problem, not easy deformation, simulation of the bark and simulation of bamboo tile resistance to high and low temperatures, will not appear too low temperature shrinkage, too high expansion of the situation, the product added a patented formula, Anti-ultraviolet, not denatured into a powder-like, the service life greatly increased. At the same time, the product will not release toxic odors and harmful substances, more safe and reliable.

"The simulation bamboo tile also has above condition, is the high-quality landscape material substitution." "

Miche Simulation thatched landscape company, with the continuous development of the market, 2011, the company's simulation of grass into the Yunnan World Expo, one by one to become the landscape of Yunnan landscape materials. This kind of new material uses the high quality pure aluminum shearing system, after the artificial processing becomes. In the use of efficiency is very simple, and do not have to maintain costs, only to do a good job of the water layer. This year, we solemnly introduce our new products to you, simulation bark, bamboo tile simulation, hope that the broad masses of customers, as always, support.

Miche Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., constantly participate in various exhibitions, World Expo, more people understand these new landscape materials, in the World Expo, a thatched house decoration, embodies a nation, the pursuit of natural, harmonious state of mind, but also let people stay even forget to return, intoxicated in this environment. Thus, the development of tourism, vacation has become an indispensable part of people's lives. (Life is sports, life is to enjoy) so as the Yunnan landscape manufacturers, we grasp the opportunity to create the Yunnan World Expo thatched style decoration, to create a unique one of Yunnan's national wind.

Miche high-end customization of variousSimulation Bamboo TileColor specifications such as the size of the thickness can be customized according to customer needs, manufacturers wholesale quotes. To your God-like service, do not have me people have my excellent, while the price to maintain competition. Ultra-high price/performance is your choice, look forward to you!