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What is the advantage of the new simulation landscape material?
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is a simulation of landscape materials research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise, the company mainly simulation landscape products are:Simulation BarkAnd so on, then the simulation of landscape materials than the real thatch, bark, bamboo tile have what advantages? Follow Miche's footsteps to see!

Thatch decoration is divided intoReal Thatch.and simulation thatch tile two categories, throughout the history of civilization at home and abroad, humans in the use of thatch as a roof decoration or shelter from the means has been for a long time, the most famous description of the thatch should be du Fu's poem---"The Hut for the autumn Wind song," The Thatch after collection, weaving, and then overlapping in the roof, played to decorate, Various uses for rain prevention. However, the problem of the real thatch is also very obvious, such as, collection, weaving complex, can not effectively prevent corruption, worm moth, mildew, color single, the biggest hidden trouble from the real grass can not fire, once there are accidents such as fire, very easy to cause significant losses.

Miche decoration in thinking about the shortcomings of the real thatch, but also thinking about how to avoid these shortcomings. Simulated thatch Tile is born in this case. Simulation Thatch tile According to different material can be divided into two types of resin simulation thatch tile, aluminum simulation thatch tile. Here we highlight the resin simulation thatch tile, aluminum simulation thatch tile details can be consulted.

Resin Simulation thatch tile is also called plastic simulation thatch and so on. So what is the advantage of the resin simulation thatch tile compared to the real thatch? Above we mentioned that the real Thatch appeared a series of problems and hidden dangers, so the resin thatch tile for these problems, put forward their own solutions.

1: acquisition, resin raw materials from a wide range, can be extracted from the trees, can also be synthesized from the petrochemical, materials, a wide range of sources, no seasonal changes in the impact.

2: Process problems, the use of relatively mature and modern technology, thermoplastic processing, product one-time molding, machine cutting, machine weaving, a large number of saving workers costs, shorten production time.

3: Corruption, worm borers, mildew: resin simulation thatch tile because it is plastic, it does not have biological properties, so will not breed mosquitoes, at the same time in the process of adding antibacterial ingredients, can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

4: Color: Resin simulation thatch tile plasticity, excellent color adhesion, one color never fall, rich colors, customizable ability is far better than the real thatch.

5: Fire performance: relatively mature fire protection technology, Miche using high quality imported flame retardant, flame-retardant effect, flame retardant grade can achieve B1 level, security can be guaranteed.

That's the real thatch tile and the resin.Simulated thatch TileThe simple contrast is not hard to find in comparison,The simulation thatch tile has the superiority is the real thatch incomparable, simulated thatch tile general life expectancy in more than 15 years, really thatched grass for about 2-3 years, and the need for a large number of maintenance costs, now on the market basically to simulate the main thatched tile, of course, the quality of the simulation thatch is good or bad, details can be called to consult.