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Which Company Did The Simulated Thatched Tile Project In Dehong, Yunnan, Etc.
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-20

Foshan Miyan Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in Simulation thatchSimulation barkSuch enterprises as simulation landscape materials, the company supplies a large number of various landscape materials, Yunnan Dehong, Green Spring and other places of the project are built by the company, reliable, affordable, welcome new and old customers to inquire. Yunnan thatched tile supplier, the company that undertakes the Yunnan thatch project. Thatched cottages and treehouses are not unfamiliar to people. They were poor people at first because they were not only sheltered from wind and rain, but were also easily collected for selection as building materials. However, in the urban jungle that is full of steel and cement, the thatched cottage has been transformed from its initial economic and practical functions into an ornamental function. It represents an ancient quiet beauty, and has even become a representative building from which people leave the city, pursue nature, and return to nature. It is also the first product of many resorts and ecotourism resorts.

Although the so-called time creates heroes, thatched cottages are popular for a long time, but while enjoying the enjoyment of the senses, it inevitably has many fatal flaws that are unavoidable. For example, it is difficult to prevent fire, corrosion, and decay. These loopholes are It is difficult to directly promote the use of thatched cottages in a wide range of applications. How can thatched cottages be fireproof? There are indeed many measures for thatch roof fireproofing, such as spreading some lime on the thatched roof and pouring some water. These are palliative measures and the effect is not obvious.So how can we achieve 100% fire protection?

The so-called time-honored heroes, with the development of science and technology, simulation of thatched grass should be born.Simulation thatchA new type of thatched roofing building material developed and produced by W, which mimics natural thatch products. Made from pure aluminum and special outdoor powders, this type of thatched roof fireproof building material has a variety of styles and rich colors. It is made of natural thatched grass. It is an ideal roofing building material that can replace natural thatch. The thatch tile is composed of real tile and grass whisker parts. When installing, it only needs to overlap the solid tile part by a certain proportion (generally about 6cm).

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