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Miyan Provides High Quality One-stop Solutions For Simulation Building Materials
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-20

MiyanAluminum simulation thatchIt is the first batch of simulation building materials that entered the market. The current process is quite mature.So how to distinguish the quality of the aluminum simulation thatch.

Aluminum simulation thatch that is rice research and decoration combined with Asian eco-environment, development and production of high imitation natural thatch products, rice research simulation of thatch thatched roof design is reasonable, strong wind resistance, grass width must be moderate, long and short Diversification, two styles that can achieve a variety of style effects, easy to install workers, effective, cost savings. The longer you use the higher the degree of simulation.

The aluminum simulated thatch tile is made of pure aluminum stamping. What are the advantages of the aluminum thatch tile and how does it compare to the resin simulated thatch tile?

1: It can be used in a wide range of areas, and it can be used as a substitute for true grass. It can be used anywhere and is not subject to the weather, heat, wind, rain and rain. It is suitable for any type of thatched roof and has almost no requirements for the roof.

2: Not threatened by birds, nests, worms, fungi, etc.

3: The overall structure design is simple, elegant and beautiful, and the simulation effect is realistic. Rich colors: a variety of conventional straw color with natural, simple installation, no maintenance and replacement after the installation of the workload, can be said to be an ideal material once and for all. Miyan's aluminum simulated thatch tile uses a fluorocarbon roller coating process that provides better quality, lower cost, longer life, and no fade.

4: Pure aluminum production, good fire performance. Bringing you nature back to nature, quiet and distant feeling!

Then the aluminum simulated thatch tile and the resin simulated thatch tile are better, and their respective scope of application is like.

Simulation thatchApplies to: theme parks, farmhouses, urban and rural reconstruction, zoos, hotel resorts, and more. The difference is that the price of aluminum simulation thatch tile is lower than that of resin, and the cost per square meter is lower. It is suitable for customers with limited budget. The resin simulation thatch tile is suitable for budget, and the customer with high requirements for the effect requires everyone to purchase simulation thatch When tile, you can choose according to your actual situation.

Miyan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the study of landscape materials, and provides integrated outdoor landscape solutions for landscape users. Currently, it has developed and market-oriented products.Simulation reed seats, Simulation culture stone and so on. Welcome customers and friends to inquire.