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What are the advantages of the new simulation landscape material?
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-20

Foshan Miyan Decorative Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of simulation landscape materials. The company's main simulation landscape products are:Simulation barkAnd so on, what are the advantages of the simulation landscape material in comparison to the real thatch, bark, and bamboo tile? Follow the footsteps of Mi Yan to see it!

Thatch decoration is divided intoTrue ThatchAnd simulation of thatched tile two categories, across the history of civilization at home and abroad, human use of thatch as a roof decoration or shelter from the rain has been a long way to go, the most famous description of thatch should be Du Fu's poem - - "The house was broken by the autumn wind," and thatch was collected, woven, and then overlaid on the roof, playing a decorative, rain-proof variety of uses. However, the problem of true thatch is also very obvious. For example, collection and weaving are complex and cannot effectively prevent corruption, insect infestation, mildew, and single color. The biggest hidden trouble is that true thatch can not be fireproof. Once a fire occurs, etc. Accidents can easily cause major losses.

MiYiJian decoration is thinking about how to avoid these shortcomings while thinking about the shortcomings of real thatch. Simulation of thatch was born under this condition. The simulated thatch tiles can be divided into two types of resin simulated thatch tiles and aluminum simulated thatch tiles. Here we focus on resin simulation thatch tile, aluminum simulation thatch details you can consult us.

The resin simulation thatch is also called plastic simulation thatch tile and so on. So what are the advantages of the resin simulation thatch tile compared to the true thatch tile? Above, we mentioned that a series of problems and hidden dangers emerged in the real world. Therefore, the resin thatched roof proposes its own solution to these problems.

1: In terms of collection, the raw materials for the resins are widely available, and they can be extracted from trees. They can also be synthesized from petrochemicals. The sources of the materials are wide and there are no seasonal changes.

2: Process problems, the use of relatively mature and modern technology, thermoplastic processing, one-time molding products, machine cutting, machine weaving, a large number of saving workers costs, shorten production time.

3: Corruption, Insect Infestation, Mildew: Resin Simulation Thatch Tile is plastic and does not have biological properties itself, so it will not breed mosquitoes. At the same time, adding antibacterial components during processing can effectively inhibit bacterial growth.

4: Color: The resin simulation thatch tile has strong plasticity, excellent color adhesion, never falling color once, color is rich, and the customizable ability is far better than the real thatch.

5: fire performance: relatively mature fire protection technology, rice research using high-quality imported flame retardant, flame retardant effect is good, flame retardant grade can be done B1 level, safety performance is guaranteed.

Above are the real thatch tiles and resinSimulation thatchA simple contrast, it is not difficult to find from the comparison,The advantage of the simulated thatch tile is that the real thatch can not be compared. The typical life of the thatch tile is more than 15 years. The real thatch is about 2-3 years, and it needs a lot of maintenance cost. Now basically the simulation is that the thatch tile is Of course, the quality of the simulated thatch tile is also good or bad, details can inquire.