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See how The Imitation bamboo tile is gradually opened the market door
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Small pleasures, quiet and far---are most peopleSimulation Bamboo TileThe evaluation of the simulation of landscape materials fromSimulation Bark, simulation rattan and so on has evolved to the simulation of bamboo tile, bring people more choice and decorative style.

AndSimulated thatch TileLike, the simulation of bamboo tile at the beginning is also very few people know the new material, Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. because there are simulation of the promotion of thatched tile experience, so in the simulation of the promotion of bamboo tile will be a lot quicker, plus the old customers to recommend, make the simulation of bamboo tile Road than the simulation of the grass to smooth a lot, thenWhy is the imitation Bamboo tile so popular in the market? Miche decoration for you to answer part of the reason.

1: Product novelty, in the past has not been the simulation of landscape materials, and good results, high simulation, at the same time with the true bamboo tile does not have the outstanding performance, fire prevention insects mildew, the use of long life.

2: Good reputation, now do the simulation of bamboo tile market only the rice decorative materials on this side, the quality can be protected, high customer satisfaction rate, the value of things.

3: Good quality, rice research and production of the simulation of bamboo tile are imported raw materials, product texture, feel aspects are seen to touch.

4: Fill a part of the simulation of the white grass tile does not have a blank zone, such as a quiet, comely such a style for the keynote of the landscape design. and simulated thatched tile retro pastoral mutual care.

Hope that the simulation of bamboo tile can be like the simulation thatch tile, more and more good, Miche Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., to provide you with integrated simulation landscape materials solutions. Welcome to consult.