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What is the status quo of domestic and international simulation thatch tile industry
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Simulated thatch TileAfter so many years of development, what is the market situation?Today, Miche decorated with you to see the simulation of thatch tile at home and abroad.

Domestic simulation of thatched tile market after years of slow development, to now, there has been a great change, a few years ago, we know that there are not many, manufacturers also on several, we are trying to promote the simulation of thatched tile, are competitive quality, the time period of the simulation thatched tile, the manufacturers because the strength of the same situation, Quality is not very different, the product is guaranteed, the price is also very reasonable. With the development of time, the market in these few years obviously confused a lot, a variety of poor quality products are flooded with the entire industry, the small factory dozen price wars, can not guarantee the procurement of simulated thatch tile is a qualified product, a few years ago has been doing the thatched tile manufacturers gradually to the market focus to high-end, foreign trade transfer, Although also retained a part of the conventional simulation of thatch tile supply, but because the whole industry of the problem, so as not before, where the rice to remind the vast number of customer friends, a penny, the price is not endless to explore the bottom, only high-quality products to allow the industry to develop healthily, also warned you peers, do not put the market to do the pulpy, must ensure that in the quality of the situation down to do every business, which is to the customer of the industry, but also responsible for their own.

The situation abroad is much better than at home the market virtuous circle, has the strength simulation thatched tile factory, for example Miche, already laid out the foreign market and the domestic high-end market early, now foreign market, especially Southeast Asia generation, like very in the previous years domestic, but the product craft level compared to then had the huge progress, Take Miche as an example, each year in the new product technology research costs in more than 10 million, the cost of a huge change in the process of product upgrading, productivity improvement, quality improvement, cost reduction, so that Miche in foreign markets occupy the opportunity, in the domestic market is also the leading. Now Rice research and development of a lot of new simulation landscape materials, such as:Simulation BarkAnd so on, step by step to open high-end decorative materials market. Increase the awareness of people, recognition degree. It is believed that in the near future, these new materials will be able to blossom around the world.

"Hope to work with colleagues to maintain the simulation of the stability of thatched tile industry, there are any problems, you can consult the rice Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. "