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The installation of the real thatch per square meter and the maintenance of the true thatch
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Usually,Real Thatch.The specifications are greater than the simulation of thatch tile, then we in the procurement of the real thatch, should install a proportion to purchase the real thatched tile, here we use the standard 1 meters *1 meters of real thatch to give examples.

Miche Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. production of the real grass is a professional visual designer design, landscape landscaping engineer actual operation set forecast, within a certain range, the use of real thatch the effect and cost ratio is the highest, probably in every two square meters using three pieces of the time is the best effect, the best price, That is, about 1.5 pieces per square metre, at this time, the overall visual perception, the degree of thick to achieve the desired effect, the cost is also effectively controlled.

The installation of the real thatch is also very simple and quick, only to be on the roof of the wood keel, and then use the self tapping screws, will be the top of the woven skeleton of the real thatch on the wood keel can be installed very simple, no difficulty, ordinary people can actually operate.

Then we all know the benefits of the real thatch, retro, beautiful, but not too ideal place is to be more attention. such as flammable, easy to corrupt and so on. As the saying goes, to avoid weaknesses, we also need to pay attention to the shortcomings of the real thatch. When dealing with flammable problems, as far as possible to ensure that away from the source of fire, regularly sprayed on thatched tile flame retardant, conditional can be installed fire system. For perishable problems, try to keep the real thatch dry, regularly spraying preservatives, insect repellent and so on protective reagents. Can extend the service life of the real thatch to a great extent. Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. for you to answer all kinds of real thatch questions, but also recommend that you can considerSimulated thatch Tile, it is a kind of real thatch substitute, product effect is good, have no real thatch some inflammable and perishable problem, maintenance-free, worry and labor-saving.

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