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The difference between the simulated reed mat and the true reed mat
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Simulation Reed Matis a kind of use of synthetic resin, through imitation reed Mat made of a true reed mat substitute products, the traditional reed mat is woven from the reed, the use of a wide range, often used to make mattresses, especially the use of summer reed seats, cool and will not let people cold unacceptable, comfort is very high, also can be used as a variety of decorative materials , such as curtains, wrapping decorations on the outside of the wall, and so on. Simulation Reed seat is the use of synthetic resin, after a series of process processing, made with the true reed similarity is very high simulation rattan, and then use advanced machine weaving technology, weaving out the simulation reed seats.

The similarity of the simulated reed mat and the true reed mat is very high in appearance, can do the extent of the real, at the same time, simulation reed mat because of material reasons, can be customized particularly high, can be made into various types of different varieties of reed seats, and even can create a completely non-existent nature of the style, this is true reed seats do not have, At the same time, the simulation reed mat with the true reed seats do not have the fire performance, pest prevention, mildew, experience to be better than the true reed mat, second, the simulation reed seats in the specifications without restrictions, can be customized according to customer needs personalized products.

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