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Life and maintenance of natural thatch in Guizhou
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-08

Guizhou Natural Thatchis a kind of seasonal natural materials, harvesting in the autumn, drying a few days, the degree of dryness reached more than 80%, can be used for thatched house, thatched pavilion, such as the laying of the building, is a decorative material.

Guizhou Natural thatch tile How to maintain better?

Natural Thatch,Real Thatch.The maintenance of the project has been a headache for all parties, to change the nature of the natural thatch is very rare, but we also need to do a corresponding preventive measures.

1: For natural thatch perishable, we need to regularly spray preservatives, and as far as possible to keep dry, to prevent mildew from producing.

2: For natural thatch flammable, we need to regularly spray flame retardant, and away from the fire:, conditional can be set up a roof fireproofing system, spraying water mist fire.

3: The use of woven solid natural thatch, thatch structure to be close, so that anti-corrosion performance, windproof performance are much better, can prolong the service life.

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