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What is the status of the simulated thatch industry at home and abroad
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-21

Simulation thatchAfter so many years of development, what is the status of the market in the end?Today, rice grinding decoration brings you together to see the situation of simulated thatch tile at home and abroad.

After a slow development in the past few years, the domestic market for the simulated thatch tile has undergone great changes. In the early years, not many people knew it. Several manufacturers also tried to promote the thatch tile. , is the time when the quality of competition, the simulation thatch that time period, the strength of the manufacturers are almost the same, the quality is not much difference, the product is guaranteed, the price is very reasonable. With the development of time, the market has apparently been tangled a lot in recent years. Various poor quality products have flooded the entire industry. Price competition between small factories has failed to ensure that the simulated thatched roof is a qualified product. The thatch tile manufacturers that have been doing for a long time gradually shift the market focus to high-end and foreign trade. Although they also maintain a part of the supply of conventional simulation thatch, they are not as good as they were before. Remind our customers and friends, a penny, a price, the price is not endless to go to the bottom, only high-quality products can make the industry healthy development, but also to pay respect to colleagues, do not put the market to be lousy, we must ensure that in quality and high quality It is the responsibility of the customer to the industry as well as its own responsibility.

The situation in foreign countries is much better than that in China. The market has a good cycle. The powerful simulation thatch tile manufacturers, such as Miyan, have already laid out foreign markets and domestic high-end markets early on, and now the foreign markets, especially the Southeast Asian generation, look like. A few years ago in China, but the technological level of the product has made great progress compared to that time. Take rice research as an example, the annual research cost for new products and new technologies is over 10 million, and the cost is huge. It is the improvement of the product's technology, the increase of production capacity, the improvement of quality, and the reduction of cost, which makes Mi Yan occupy the first place in the foreign market, and is second to none in the domestic market. Now Miyan has developed many new simulation landscape materials, such as:Simulation barkAnd so on, step by step to open the market for high-end decorative materials. Improve public awareness and recognition. I believe in the near future, we can see that these new materials can produce results across the globe.

"We hope to work with our peers to maintain the stability of the simulated thatch tile industry. If you have any questions, you can consult Miyan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd."