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Shaanxi Man-made Thatch Tile Sales Division officially opened
Edit:Foshan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-04-21

Artificial Thatch TilesSimulation thatch, It is a kind of new simulation decoration material that can be a good substitute for real thatch.

The Foshan Shaanxi Branch of Miyan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. was formally established. It is another pilot base for Miyan Science and Technology to promote the production of artificial thatch tiles in the country. The company upholds the direct selling price and the quality of local supply services. Miyan is engaged in the simulation resin thatch,Simulation barkSuch integrated enterprises as R&D, production and sales of simulation landscape materials have been rated as Foshan High-tech Enterprise in 2017 and have outlets throughout the country. The local customs of Shaanxi Province have determined that it is very suitable for all kinds of landscape decoration materials, especially artificial thatched roof tiles. Shaanxi local simulation thatch that provides quality cooperation for local landscape companies.

"RespectfullyShaanxi artificial thatchThe direct sales division was formally established. The artificial thatched grass tile has sufficient inventory. Welcome friends and friends to inquire."

"1. The Shaanxi Manmade Thatch Tile Division wishes you a prosperous business and all the best."